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The VP44 injection pump was introduced on the Cummins ISB as a stop gap measure to meet 1998 emissions standards before a common rail fuel system was ready for production. For Dodge Ram pickups, the ISB engine was used in all trucks built after January 1, 1998. For those with 1998-2002 Rams, here are some details about the VP44 pump.

To meet environmental regulations for a variety of engine applications, Cummins designed an ECU to which they could download different engine control programs without making any physical changes to the engine. This electronic engine control unit (ECU) is installed in a sealed box that is mounted directly to the cylinder block of the engine. vp44 pumps $949.00 The ECU communicates with the VP44 fuel injection pump through a high-speed 2-way CAN-BUS data-link.

There is no direct connection from the throttle to the injector pump. Inputs from engine sensors and the throttle position are used by the ECU to determine how much fuel is injected, and when. The ECU uses sensor and throttle position inputs to compute the appropriate "load", then the controller obtains the fueling rate information from look-up tables, sometimes called maps, stored in ROM. From these a value is determined that represents the desired amount of fuel to be delivered to the engine. This value is then communicated to the injector pump.

The VP44 injection pump uses a set of mechanical plungers to pressurize the fuel, and a mechanical distributor to route the fuel to the correct injector. An electronic controller converts the fuel information sent from the ECU into mechanical control of the fuel delivery by opening and closing fuel spill ports inside the pump mechanism. The pump returns information to the ECU regarding its current operating state.


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